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The rewarding and calming effects of the sense of touch are unparalleled. Research related to anxiety and other related stress disorders suggests the importance of touch in playing a role to soothe and comfort. A sweater represents the tactile value of warmth, ease and coziness. Therefore, my construction is an ode to insinuate these intrinsic sentiments.


The color palette and yarns used were decided keeping in mind their ability to reduce agitation and induce tranquility. Two such colors that stood out were the Carris pink and French blue. I have used the honeycomb technique and its specific pattern, to manipulate the exterior of the sweater, giving it a fluffed and snuggled up appearance in the form of undulating waves. The strategic rows of ladders through the sleeves shape the sweater body and interrupt the fullness of the honeycomb with a light airiness. The irregular color mixing of superfine yarns used consistently gives continuance. A purposeful blend, that at once triggers positive emotions of serene comfort and effortless ease.

Waves of Warmth: Services
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sweater 1.2.jpg
Waves of Warmth: Services
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